“I was 22 when I escaped the fire that engulfed the entertainment complex Summerland, on August 2nd, 1973. My partner, who I had been engaged to for two years, didn’t survive.

This was our first holiday, we were staying in a hotel on the Isle of Man, and decided to visit Summerland one evening. We were on the top floor when the alarm went off. Someone told us not to worry, but flames spread through the building and the place was filled with smoke. We couldn’t see.

Will saved my life. There was a railing, and I think he pushed me over it. I saw bodies on the floor. I was then helped to safety by someone, over a wall. I couldn’t see Will but I kept asking and asking for him. I was put into a police car and taken to hospital.

I then found out how badly I’d been injured. My back, foot and hand were badly burnt. While I was in hospital, they told me that Will hadn’t made it and I fainted.

I have ongoing back pain as a result of the fire and have difficulty walking. I still think about the fire, and still have nightmares.”