At Unchecked UK, we think our public bodies do amazing work keeping us safe in every area of life – looking out for our health, for our rights at work, for the safety of our families and for our natural environment. Here, public protectors give us their perspective on the vital work they do.

PUBLIC PROTECTORS: Richard Williams, Senior Practitioner in Technical Services

“The work we do isn’t glamorous but it’s critical in making sure people have safe places to live for generations to come.”

PUBLIC PROTECTORS: Alison Farrar, CTSI Lead Officer

“If it wasn’t for our guys, none of these new designs of masks, visors, PPE or hand santitiser would be able to be released.”

PUBLIC PROTECTORS: Sandra Westacott, former Port Health Officer

“You have to know what to look for, and that comes with knowledge, experience and training. And you can’t get that without budget.”

PUBLIC PROTECTORS: Fiona Inston, Public Protection Manager

“We’re a really diverse and adaptable workforce, but a lot of what we do goes under the radar – I think we’re undervalued.”

PUBLIC PROTECTORS: Laurence Dettman, Chief Port Health Inspector

“We never know what could happen on any given day and I think most of us like it that way. We have to be able to react promptly to any situation.”

PUBLIC PROTECTORS: David Pickering, CTSI Lead Officer

“The feedback that we get from businesses is actually really positive, because we’re helping them to comply with the rules.”

PUBLIC PROTECTORS: Rob Couch, Environmental Health Practitioner

“The way Covid-19 politics is changing the art of the possible is quite remarkable. The collectivism I’ve seen is unprecedented.”

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